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We love you and miss you and can’t wait to be together again in every sense of the word. Thank you for your patience as we work through various iterations of gathering on Facebook, via Zoom, and in our parking lot. It’s been so good to be with you in those venues. We eagerly anticipate the time we can gather again in our sanctuary to worship, sit under the Word, meet at the table, and be with each other.

We would love to hear from you as we consider the best steps toward that ideal. We want to move with wisdom, valuing all of the above, and the safety of each other and our neighbors whom it is our privilege to love. To those ends, we would like to know your thoughts about the next phase of gathering together under certain restrictions while we wait until the time is right for fuller and fuller freedoms. When we resume live services, we intend to abide by all state and federal guidelines. At this time, services with new precautions would require the following:

  • All gathering spaces and bathrooms will be disinfected before every service.
  • Quick temperature checks with non-contact thermometers as everyone enters the building to confirm that no one has a fever.
  • Everyone over the age of two will be asked to wear a mask. (Please bring your own, though we will have a limited number available if you forget.)
  • We will have generous spacing in the sanctuary to allow for social distance. Essentially we will block off every other row as well as the center section of each row, so there is at least 6 feet between individuals, families or housemates.
  • Families will worship together as there is no way to provide childcare under current guidelines. The services will be designed with children in mind and we will have resources to help you engage your little ones. One accommodation will be to keep the services to 50 minutes.
  • We will host two to three services depending on the need. We will ask you to sign up ahead of time for the time you’d like to come so we can ensure we have sufficient space. Maximum seating per service will be 175 people.
  • While we can’t serve snacks, we will be nourished by the Word as we begin our series in Ephesians. Man does not live by bread alone!
  • Happily, we will celebrate Holy Communion, taking the elements in our seats, without coming forward.
  • We will sing! This is tricky with masks of course. But at the very least, our amazing band will sing and we can join in worship as fully and freely as our hearts desire whether silently or out loud. The Lord can hear us clearly even if we sound muffled to our neighbors!
  • As long as we maintain the distances, we can see our friends, talk to them, and rejoice to be together.
  • We will continue to broadcast our 9am service on Facebook for those for whom it’s not yet the right time to rejoin us in person.

In light of all of the above, we need to hear from you. Please click here to answer 3 short questions so we can plan accordingly.

We love you.

Quigg and Tim