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The Lord reminded me recently that I am on mission. I have been praying for several families who have a military member currently deployed. I began thinking about communication between those spouses and how challenging that must be during these times apart, and also, how there is a designated time commitment for the deployment, but everyone knows that is not a sure thing. As I thought about these families and prayed for them, I remembered that Jesus came to Earth on mission. He was deployed to this planet as a human baby. And guess what? His mission is accomplished – He defeated sin and death and returned to His Kingdom to prepare the victory homecoming celebration!

If we believe this news, then aren’t we part of this mission? The war is won but the battles rage on. Why am I still here? What is taking Him so long to return? We have an enemy who wants us to believe that nothing has changed, that there is no God, no purpose to your life – but there is! You see, we know the war is won! But that news hasn’t reached all who are fighting for their lives, those who are bound by sin and darkness. We get to be here, on mission, to proclaim the freedom Christ has already won and eagerly await His return to gather us all home, to the table of our Father in the Kingdom of Heaven.

2 Corinthians 2:14 reminds us that on this mission Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.

Just as Landon reminded us in the sermon on Sunday (click here to listen) – we are to live with passion and we get that from spending time with God. Spending time running to Him instead of running around in busyness; running to Him instead of running away to sulk and lick my wounds when the battle rages around me; running to Him to have my eyes opened that I might see the captive He wants me to proclaim freedom to right next door. Just as military soldiers get their orders from their commander, God has deployed us and will not leave us without instruction. Let’s engage our mission once again in our daily lives and gather together as a body for instruction and encouragement. Don’t live on the sidelines as a sluggard!

Erin Love