Who We Are


The 5Gs - Grow, Gather, Gifts, Generosity, and Groups.

The goal of Church of the Holy Spirit is to be healthy disciples that make healthy disciples

It’s not that we have arrived but the goal or bull’s-eye is clear.

We do this in many ways but, Heck we want to be able to remember the things that we believe help us to be healthy disciples:

Grow, gather, gifts, generosity and groups . . .

  • GROW: Healthy disciples grow. We grow spiritually but truthfully, it’s not all about us . . . we also grow God’s kingdom.
  • GATHER: Healthy disciples regularly gather together for corporate worship. St. Mattress, the golf course and walks in nature are awesome but not enough.
  • GIFTS: Healthy Christians use their God-given gifts to serve God and others. It is a great joy to use our spiritual gifts.
  • GENEROSITY: Healthy disciples have open hands; they realize that God owns everything and that we steward His resources. We joyfully give to God and others.
  • GROUPS: Healthy disciples are in community. They make the effort to be in intimate fellowship with other Christians. Life together takes time and can be messy but it is the pattern of life Jesus modeled and invited us to.

We grow 5G.

Want to know more? Watch the video.