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One of the five keys and governing principles of becoming a “healthy disciple who makes healthy disciples” is GENEROSITY.

Christians love to argue over how much they “have” to give when we should be pondering the great kindness of God to let us return back to Him what He already owns and to invest it in the local church and in the kingdom.

For those interested, here is an incredibly thoughtful piece on Tithing and Generosity by Bishop Ken Ross of Colorado.

The purpose of today’s brief Enews is to ENCOURAGE you and let you see where your gifts to CHS end up and the kingdom good they do.

Recently, I got a Whats App from Chantal Mbanda, the Archbishop of Rwanda’s wife. She is head of The Mother’s Union in Rwanda and also in her diocese of Gasabo and is a tremendous servant leader and lover of God. She always has her home open to show hospitality.

Chantal called and was wondering if we could help her purchase some high-quality machines for the Mother’s Union so that these rural women could produce high quality sweaters, school uniforms, clergy vestments and the like.

I was thrilled to be asked as this request represents a great example of a HAND UP as opposed to a handout. Even though we were substantially behind budget, we found a way to be generous. We wired $7000 to help buy machines that will employ women of the most modest means. Many of these sisters in Christ make less than $100 a month.

If a picture can tell 1000 words, a video can tell 1,0000,000. Below is a 22 second action video of your tithe dollars at work through a kingdom Hand UP. Let’s rejoice with these women and give thanks to God.