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“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

I have had many discussions over the years with people about what Jesus really said and did. Most of us have an idea of what Jesus actually said. Many of us have an opinion of what kinds of things He did. But most of us cannot seem to name them all. 

Did you know He performed over 40 miracles? Wowzer, that seems like a lot! I think we can all name the “water into wine” or “giving the blind man sight,” but to name all 40 would be hard.

What about His parable teachings? Can you name them all? I can’t. In Luke alone, Jesus teaches 24 parables and 18 of those are unique to the Gospel of Luke.

What Jesus said and did in His three of years of ministry are vitally important to who He is. Most of the world says that they have an idea of who Jesus is and what His life was about; yet, most people don’t know a lot about His teachings or miracles. A lot of what people think about Jesus are just rumors, hearsay. 

What do you think about His parable teachings and healings? Do they impact your daily life? 

This fall, here at Church of the Holy Spirit, we will be traveling in a sermon series on Jesus’ parables and healings. Consider this your personal, handwritten note to journey along with us!

We will take an in-depth look at what He taught, why He taught it and what that meant for those in the first century and what that means for us in the 21st century. We also will take an in-depth look at the healings of Jesus. How did He heal? Whom did He heal? What do the healings of Jesus say about His mission? What do His healings say to us in a world full of hurting people? Does Jesus heal today? Can Jesus heal you and me?

Don’t get caught up in the academics of Jesus’ teachings, although that is vitally important. Don’t get caught up in the sometimes ambiguity of who He healed and why. Instead, walk this road and discover for yourself who Jesus really is. Perhaps you need to discover for the first time the real Jesus of the New Testament. Perhaps you are being called to re-discover the personal, powerful, smart, intimate, eternal and life-changing person of Jesus Christ all over again. Perhaps Jesus is going to teach you anew about who He is for your daily life, work and family. Perhaps Jesus is going to bring healing body, mind and soul to you as you study His life this Fall with us. 

Jesus is real.

Jesus is alive.

Jesus is God.

And, Jesus is here to bring us life in Himself.

Come join us Sunday mornings this Fall, starting September 8th, as we discover and rediscover Jesus.