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In classic Church of the Holy Spirit form, we had a big ol’ time last Sunday in worship and at the 30th Anniversary party.

Worship was powerful and getting to baptize another grandchild, Rowe Imhof, set the stage for trusting in God and having a heart filled with thanks. I think Rowe may lean Pentecostal based on his exuberant screams and raised arm flails!

Annette and I so appreciate the way our church family celebrated the 30th year milestone. We received hundreds of cards and touching comments. Your presence at the celebration and the love you all poured out was so life giving. Having a Barbeque and Bluegrass bash was perfect. God’s favorite music and food? Well, at least it was the Bishop’s!

Loved having various key leaders share and having the International Bluegrass Music Associations singer of the year, Junior Sisk, perform was an incredible gift.

My two favorite parts of the celebration? Seeing all the kids and grandkids dance and having three kids from our church play their instruments with Junior and the Band.

So grateful,