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Who will ever say that 2020 has been a boring year? Fires, hurricanes, massive job losses, pandemic, school online, masks at every event, racial unrest and changes, church online for months and now back with worship and masks. Who would have known what these last 7 months would bring, except for God Himself.

Yes, God is not surprised. In fact, God is not mixed up, tired out, confused, stressed or even dumbfounded with anxiety. On the contrary, God has His mission of rescue, hope, salvation, healing, restoration, and reconciliation still moving forward.

Yep, God’s mission grounded in the person of Jesus Christ and fueled by the continued work of the Holy Spirit in and through His people is moving forward. People are praying and calling out to God as much as ever before here at CHS. Life Groups are studying scripture, reaching out to others in Christ’ love, packing backpacks for underprivileged kids at Lucy Addison Middle School. Our FELLOWS are all moved in and becoming a part of our CHS family. 

Grief Share is meeting weekly helping people to walk through grief using the lens of the Gospel. Alpha has five full tables where folks are exploring the core truths of Christianity. Divorce Care is about to begin to help those in the difficult season of singleness and divorce. 

And, what about our Sunday services? Oh yes, God’s Kingdom is still breaking in week after week as we gather to worship our great God: Father-Son-Holy Spirit.

But now that we have both our 9 and 11 AM services going strong, we need your help. Did you know that in normal times it takes more than 400 volunteers each Sunday to help our services run smoothly? Even now in our new times of masks and social distancing, we still need lots of volunteers for our services.

So, to that end, WE NEED YOUR HELP on Sunday morning! We are looking for volunteers to help GREET and USHER at the 11 AM service. It is an easy job, but vitally important. If you can help starting this Sunday Oct. 4th, please email Barbara Murray this week so she can get you on the team. 

Also, Eric Imhof and the worship team NEED YOUR HELP with working the Sunday service computer in the back. If you use email and daily computer stuff, this volunteer position is perfect for you. Eric provides easy hands-on training to help you get plugged in well. Please email Eric to get involved in a great ministry here at CHS. 

For God, what seem like barriers, problems, hang-ups or disruptions are often His steppingstones to growth, moments of spiritual reconciliation, healing and salvation. God can and does regularly use bumps in the road, not as potholes but as growth moments. Please use these extraordinary times to join a ministry team to help us continue our Roanoke Valley mission of Healthy Disciples making Healthy Disciples in Jesus Christ.