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  March. The 20th. Church of the Holy Spirit. Annual Church Family Meeting
Top 10 reasons you should make the effort to come:

10. You will get to see folks from the other worship service. (Wow, do they go here?)

9. We are having an awesome time of prayer as a church family.

8. You will get a clear presentation of the vision God has given our church.

7. You will get informed and celebrate what God is doing in each ministry area.

6. You will hear what specific missions God has opened for us in 2014.

5. We are having swell desserts, and the bishop is giving a mulligan to everyone who is on a Lenten fast or Weight Watchers™.

4. Tim Harris will perform the miracle of explaining our accrual accounting budget in layman’s terms.

3. “Nashville recording artist” Justin Carlson will lead us in intimate worship.

2. There will be a drawing for 4 gifts from our sister parish in Rwanda.

1. You have the opportunity to pre-submit ANY question you have and get a straightforward answer.

So that is our spiel! Please make the effort to be with your staff, vestry, and other key leaders and get informed.