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“. . . for apart from me you can do nothing.”  –  Jesus

Quigg Lawrence
The other morning I pulled out my One Year Bible and read the lessons
for the day.  Truth is the OT lesson that day wasn’t exciting me one
little bit, which was more a commentary of the condition of my heart
than the richness of the Scripture.
The genius of using the “One
Year Bible” is that there are four lessons to read every day: an OT
reading, Psalm, Proverb and NT reading.
As I was dutifully sped read
through my “devotions” my mind drifted. I had a bad attitude and was
“working God into my busy day.”  I was thinking about all the things I
had to do that day and all the things needed to do to make CHS a
stronger, more effective church.  My mind was racing.  And then, out of
nowhere, I ran into the words of Jesus in John 15:  

I am the vine; you are the
branches.  Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much
fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.  
(John 15:5)

Jesus is the Vine.  He is the source of LIFE;
our only source of life.  Really.  There is no other person, place or
thing that gives life.  If we stay connected and in relationship/daily
communion with Christ we bear much fruit.  But if we try to live our
lives without Him at the center or fail to listen to Him, we can do
nothing.  NOTHING!
Jesus is telling the truth.  We
have a choice.  Make space and time to be with Him and hear His voice or
you will be able to do zip. . . nada. . . nothing of eternal
importance.  Do you believe Him?  How are you going to be with Him and
hear His voice this week?