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Men are a peculiar animal when it comes to church. Like it or not, men are usually not as enthusiastic about church life as women. Author of the book Why Men Hate Going to Church says, “The reason men don’t go to church is they are already practicing another religion. The religion is masculinity.” Charles Spurgeon also points out that men perceive church and masculinity as mutually exclusive. He says many believe, “that if you become a Christian you must sink your manliness and turn milksop.” Less than 40 percent of adults in most churches are men, and 20 to 25 percent of married churchgoing women attend without their husbands. I think men may love Jesus, pray, and perhaps desire good friends like many women do, but many men don’t prefer the average church activity…

..until now.

September 24-26 there will be a unique men’s event hosted by Church of the Holy Spirit.

Picture this:

  • 60-70 men camping at Mac Miller’s farm on September 24-26


  • Fill the weekend with white water rafting, hiking, 4-wheeling, fishing, skeet shooting, golf, frisbee golf, bird watching, whatever we can think of…

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  • Eating like kings: Bruce and Tom (and crew) will be doing full breakfasts and dinners, bag lunches to take on whatever adventure you choose, and to finish it off on Saturday afternoon–Donny Julian BBQ.


  • Morning devotionals, evening teaching, and meal-time testimonies. This will be solid and meaty, but not central.
  • Small group discussion and fellowship. This is central! And it will lead to more men meeting in small groups before work year round.

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Men, do yourself and your family a favor and lean into what God might want to do in your life on this weekend. Don’t let the fear that this is a “church activity” or that you aren’t particularly “outdoorsy” keep you away. This time with other men who understand the pressures of life will be invaluable.

Registration will begin in August and space will be limited. It’s a Thursday night-Saturday event, so most will need to consider taking off Friday, Sept. 25, from work, if you can. For more information, email me at If you are a woman, please consider forwarding this email to your favorite man, especially if he isn’t particularly enthusiastic about “church activities.”

Looking forward to what could be a life-changing event for all of us!