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everything you have on your mind, and your own financial challenges, why should
you care if we pay off our Church mortgage now or in ten years?

That question is a great one!
It all comes down to kingdom-sense, loving others, and
unimaginable FUN!
To provide you some context: our church currently pays $370,000 a
year to the bank for the mortgage payment that funded our new sanctuary, new
classrooms, new kitchen, parking lot, and nursery.  That renovation was
not some crazy idea.  It was a purposeful plan that prayed over and
undertaken specifically to provide for others who were yet to join our
body – – not for ourselves.  The Lord was clear in laying it on our hearts
that a manageable mortgage would be paid off early.  We have in fact paid
ahead on our mortgage while doing a LOT  of mission work in the last 5
years.  And we have used all of the above way more than we even dreamed.
Additionally, many of you are new to CHS and want to help your
church family pay off the remaining $1.8 million of our “family debt”
So we can do insanely more in the area of strategic missions every
year.  We have the heart to do it, and we have the ability to be used by
God in a greater way!
Quite simply, in the next ten years we could continue to pay the
nice people at the bank so they can pay their stock holders and buy nice things
like marble and leather chairs ; OR we can decide to use that  $370k a
year to put our missions efforts on steroids . . .  to see an explosion of
the kingdom.
Annihilate debt- EXPLODE MISSION
  • Would you rather pay the bank $370k a year or build an additional 31
    new disciple making churches in Rwanda? 
  • Would you rather pay $370k to the bank or hire 15 full time Young
    Life leaders for every junior high and high school in the Roanoke
  • Would you rather pay the bank $370k a year or build 46 new clean
    water wells for those who currently drink unsafe water? 
I can tell you the joy of seeing God use these new churches, Young
Life leaders, and Clean water wells is more than you can even fathom. 
Imagine if we stepped out in faith an annihilated our debt now, so we can do
even more in missions?
Could you imagine if we had an additional $370K for missions for
the next TEN years?  That would be an additional 310 new disciple
making churches. Or 150 YL leader yearly positions funded or 460
new clean water wells or some combination thereof.  Conceivably that is
more than the Bill Gates Foundation is going to do!!
Can you imagine how much that would bless God and how it would
dramatically change Rwanda and change us?
We will do this because it is biblical, it is wise, and it is just
plain FUN! We will dance with JOY as we see the kingdom come in power!
With excitement,