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Have you ever tried to put diesel fuel into your unleaded fuel car? Technically, you can’t do it; the nozzle will not fit. But it sure is an easy mistake to make when it’s a cold, rainy day and you are distracted by many things.

Using the wrong fuel will make a mess of your car’s engine and quickly make the car undriveable. Using the correct fuel is necessary if you want your car to drive like it was created to do.

On Sunday mornings we are currently in a sermon series called, “Doctrine.” We are looking at the basic foundations of Christianity; who is God, who is Jesus and the Holy Spirit, what is sin, etc. This past Sunday, Quigg preached on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Quigg noted that the Holy Spirit is the fuel for the Christian life. He explained a few various roles or jobs that the Holy Spirit does in His mission as the third person of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit.

But what other roles or jobs does the Holy Spirit have? If the Holy Spirit is the fuel for the Christian life, then what does that practically mean? Well, here are a few other roles, jobs or missions of the Holy Spirit:

  • The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin: John 16:18
  • The Holy Spirit guides people into all truth: John 16:13
  • The Holy Spirit reveals, glorifies and testifies of Jesus Christ: John 15:26 and 16:14-15
  • The Holy Spirit leads Christians: Matt. 4:1, Luke 4:1, Romans 8:14 and Gal. 5:18
  • The Holy Spirit empowers us: Luke 4:14, 24:49, Acts 1:8 and Romans 15:19
  • The Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ: 2 Cor. 3:18
  • The Holy Spirit dwells in all believers of Jesus Christ: John 14:17, Rom. 8:9, 1 Cor. 3:16 and 2 Tim. 1:14

Wow, what a list! But this is only a condensed list of all the things the Holy Spirit does. As the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is intimately involved in every aspect of our Christian life. So often we are tricked into thinking we need to be the convicter of sin, the guide for our life, the leader of our life, the empowerer of our life, the transformer of our life; when in fact, the Holy Spirit has the job, the role of those things in our life.

Does that mean that we are called by God to sit idly by waiting for Him to move in us and we do nothing? Of course not, but it also doesn’t mean that we are the fuel, the power, the inertia, the long-lasting energy to keep our faith going.

Instead God has given us His very self, in the person and spiritual being of the Holy Spirit, to live in us and do those things in and through us. And, we are called to partner with Holy Spirit. Paul says, “Walk by the Spirit . . . If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with Spirit” (Gal. 5:16-25).

So, here is one basic question to chew on this week:

What is the main fuel, energy, power, strength for your Christian journey, you or the Holy Spirit in You?