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The above adage is popular for brides when considering what they will wear at their wedding. It also is an apt description of the latest musical offering from Church of the Holy Spirit.

It has been my dream for several years to record the wide breadth of styles of music our church uses. What church do you know that regularly uses a banjo, mandolin, and cello alongside electric guitars, keyboard, and bass?  We do!  

Our first EP included 4 original songs (both contemporary and ancient worship in style) and one cover song. Our new album is Bluegrass and Americana leaning bluegrass style. Our next album will be a hymns album.

The new project, COME HOME, is a bluegrass style offering, created during Covid and during a time while I was watching my mom battle cancer and go home to Jesus. COME HOME is a heartfelt gospel collaboration between our Bishop, worship leaders, two “young” brothers and some dear friends of Church of the Holy Spirit. The common theme of the 10 tracks is death, resurrection and the “life of the world to come.” COME HOME is an invitation to come and experience the peace, rest and joy of the Lord.

The name COME HOME was a last minute change. As Eric, Julie and I were tracking vocals in the sanctuary with producer Scott Mulvahill, I started to talk about hymns and broke into a reasonable version of the old hymn “Softly and Tenderly.” Mercifully, Julie Wright jumped right in (Wright jumped right in!) and started to sing a cappella.  It sounded so heavenly I wisely stopped singing and let her do it solo.

When our producer heard Julie sing this old hymn with such anointing and power, he said, “Keep singing Julie, keep singing.”  She did and Scott and I both said this is the perfect benediction or ending for the album. We thought the chorus from “Softly and Tenderly” was perfect, “Come Home, Come Home, ye who are weary, Come Home . . .

So the album is an invitation to Come Home. Come Home to Jesus. If you are weary, COME HOME. If you are lost, COME HOME. As you face the brevity of your own life, COME HOME.

The first single, “COME TO JESUS,” will be released on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming sites on April 30th at the stroke of midnight. We will release four singles and then the entire album. Here is the schedule:

            April 30th:  “Come To Jesus”

            May 7th: “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”

            May 14th: “Forever Ain’t No Trouble Now”

            May 21st:  “Shouting On The Hills Of Glory”

            May 28th:  The entire 10 song Album

We received special permission from Ricky Skaggs to include 2 minutes of his powerful Eulogy for Dr. Ralph Stanley. I have never heard a clearer explanation of the Gospel.

As you wait another week for the first song to be released, I wanted to share the friends and family on the project:

Eric Imhof, Julie Wright, Bishop Quigg, Annie Lawrence, Ayden Young, Blane Young, Junior Sisk, Chris Eldridge, Scott Mulvahiill, Sierra Hull, Justin Moses, Ryan Ogrodny and Russ Carson. Google these fine players and you will get pretty excited about the quality of musicianship and singing.

Quoting from Ricky Skaggs’ eulogy . . .  80 year old Ralph Stanley told Ricky Skaggs, “Rick, I have been singing gospel songs all my life, but I never knew Him until now. . . . “  Ricky concluded that, “Ralph ain’t a bit lost. He is where he always wanted to be –  in heaven with Jesus.

To gain a wider audience, and especially to reach non-Christians, we decided to use the pen name of BENT MOUNTAIN. Look for Bent Mountain on Instagram and Bent Mountain Music on Facebook. Give us a like, share, and pre-save the first single by clicking here