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Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.  Hebrews 3:12

Bishop/Senior Pastor Quigg LawrenceOne of the most moving and inspiring stories I have heard from a parishioner actually related to a rather simple gesture. Let me share.

When Chris Sale was a young girl, her family would budget to have a nice roast for Sunday lunch. During the week and even up until church time they would pray, “Lord who would you have us invite to our home to eat lunch with us?” Sometimes it was a widow, two or three singles, sometimes a family of newcomers, sometimes several college kids, whomever the Lord laid on their hearts. The family made space, time, and resources available to LOVE people in tangible, unexpected, and extravagant ways.

Can you imagine the blessing of doing that each Sunday and seeing how God touched people with His love and fostered new relationships? Kind of “Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven” in action.

SO . . .

What about you?

We all could start with a simple, low-bar ask such as inviting someone for our Christmas Eve Service (4 or 9pm). Ask them to come WITH you and join you for a simple meal or eggnog afterwards. Or at the very least offer to meet them at the front door of the church at a set time and sit with them during the service.

Non-Christians do not care much about Easter because they do not give much thought or credence to the resurrection of a God they do not know.

But Christmas is still a time when non-believers and believers who were formerly churched will come.

Which of your unchurched friends has God been putting on your heart as we approach the holidays?

Pay attention to the Spirit’s leading and ask them to come with you. This is not some onerous task. It is love in action.

Ya’ never know, they may say “yes,” and they just may come face to face with the God who made them and who gave His life to cover their sin and shame and give them HOPE.

May it be so!