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Bishop/Senior Pastor Quigg Lawrence

A really simple Enews article today while I am away visiting my new granddaughter, Sage, and her big sister, Emmy, in beautiful and hot Milton, Florida.

  • Church of the Holy Spirit is a loving church.
  • Church of the Holy Spirit highly values warmly welcoming every person.
  • Church of the Holy Spirit has a lot of introverts.
  • Church of the Holy Spirit has a lot of strong Life Groups, and sometimes Life Group members are so involved with each other they fail to see newcomers.
  • We need to be intentional to show people the love and care we have in our hearts.

Annette and I go to church on vacation and are shocked how unfriendly most churches are. Aside from the guy who sticks a bulletin in your hand, most churches do not make us feel loved and like family.

I have tasked Deacon Barbara Murray to raise up a holistic welcoming process and welcoming teams to help our entire church family do a better job of lovingly welcoming and speaking to each person every Sunday. We want to go beyond perfunctory, assigned greeters and create a culture of authentic welcome and love.

Basically, we want to love people the way Jesus does.

We understand that creating a culture of love and warm welcome is much more than having welcoming teams and a process, but we absolutely need your help in being part of our new welcoming “experience.”

So would you please say “Yes.”

Contact Barbara at or 540.772.4915.

She also will have a signup table in the lobby on Sunday, August 13th.

Love, love,