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GOOD NEWS! We were able to send $15,000 this week to help support the 72 orphans Archbishop and Mama Gloria Kwashi raise in their own (Gidan Kauna) home in Jos, Nigeria. As ++Ben suggested, we sent the money c/o the Anglican Diocese of Jos, which provides full accountability and oversight.  The Kwashi’s have 477 students in the Zambiri Church School they started and where they provide lunch to all 477, seven days each week. They also love, house, parent, feed, clothe, provide medicine and school fees to 72 orphans all on $2600 a year salary.

MORE GOOD NEWS!  We got word this afternoon that the little bible college we helped start in Rwanda in 2002 and which was sadly languishing until Archbishop Mbanda exerted effective leadership, has been built up into a healthy Christian college and seminary. With our church’s initial and recent financial help, the Anglican church in Rwanda now has a top notch, accredited, Christ-centered college and seminary. Only God could have brought together such outstanding professors, students, leaders, dorms, classrooms and library. (

A HAND UP! We are helping Agnes Joy Natukunda, one of our Anglican seminarians and prayer “warriors” in Uganda move out out of the dangerous slum she and her family live in! By God’s grace, we were able to find her a safe, free home for the next 2 years. We also bought her a laptop as she was trying to type her seminary papers on a cheap cell phone. So, thank you for your gifts to the CHS General Fund and to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund!

EFFECTIVE MINISTRY. We are excited to report that Celebrate Recovery hasn’t missed a beat since Covid. Makes the heart glad to see so many people getting the hope and freedom they need. Approximately 70% of the folks who attend CR are there for something besides drugs and alcohol abuse. All are welcome. CR has been especially important to minister to folks during the challenge of Covid.

TOGETHER WE CAN! Our November and December giving, which is normally very strong, has been down $104,000, so we need your help in the next 15 days so we can make budget, allowing us to continue to be a super generous, missions-focused church. It is exciting to see what the Lord does with the resources we return to Him for Kingdom purposes. 

“I WILL HONOR CHRISTMAS . . . AND TRY TO KEEP IT ALL YEAR LONG,” said Ebenezer Scrooge. Lastly, remember we have three, socially-distanced Christmas Eve Services at 4, 7 and 9 PM. I would encourage you to leave the 4 pm for families with young children since that service was overfull last year.  Please consider coming to the 7 or 9 pm service and bring a friend.  We should have plenty of room at those two services.

I love you in Jesus’ Name and give the Lord thanks for our church family . . . and a new hip!