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Dear Church Family,

Recently I was listening to a podcast where the hosts were discussing the origin of the phrase “pair of pants.” They explained that pants used to be two separate legs that you would tie together at the waist. One of them made the comment that sometimes our words remember the things that we have forgotten.

That lyrical phrase struck me: “Our words remember the things that we have forgotten.”

This idea came to my mind a few weeks later, when reciting the creed on a Sunday morning. Specifically, the phrase “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church…” We are always very clear to specify in our reciting of the creed that “catholic” in this instance is in reference to the Universal Church, not the Roman Catholic Church. People have even mentioned that this wording should be changed, just to make sure there is no confusion.

But I realized in using these specific words, the creed is remembering something that we have forgotten. There was a time when the church was a unified body, not divided into Catholics or Protestants, but one body unified in Christ.

The creed is an important and meaningful part of our worship each week because it is remembering the things we may have forgotten. When we recite it together on Sunday, I hope it may bring to your mind something sweet and important that you may have forgotten.

Kaitlin McConnell

Co-Director of Feast