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“..and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
Acts 1:8b 

Last week Todd introduced #1 of our 2013 BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious
Goals).  As I am sure you all remember, goal #1 is to start a MASTERS
outreach: Mature Adults Socializing Through Evangelism, Recreation, and Service.

This week I hereby unveil BHAG#2:
Drum roll please . . . )


OPERATION RWANDA:  We are going to intentionally and
strategically build churches and wells in Rwanda.  Our primary focus
area is the Diocese of Cyangugu where our good friend Bishop Nathan
Amooti lives and pastors.

We were able to take part in building 6 wells in
Rwanda last year but we found that the areas that most needed wells,
like the diocese of Cyangugu, lacked enough clean water wells for a
reason – you have to drill through hundreds of feet of rock or have huge
motorized pumps and 500 feet of tubing to get the water out to the
people. We paid to send a team to Cyangugu from Uganda, and they
likewise were caught off guard by the complexity of digging wells
through 500 feet of rock.   We discovered that most of the ministries
that drill wells in mission fields are not working in the difficult
areas.  Not to sound cynical, but it appears to be easier to find
partners to build wells when you can crank them out quickly in flat,
non-rocky areas.  Of course the people that live in those areas still
have unsafe water too, and their kids also get sick and die.  So Bishop
Nathan is working to find the right team to build at least 6 new wells in the most desperate places.

Because of the Lord’s provision, through your weekly tithes and
offerings to Church of the Holy Spirit, over 6000 people who worshipped
in monsoon conditions two Sundays ago will worship in their dry new churches
for the first time on Christmas Eve.  We provided roofs for three
churches that seat a total of 4000 people.  Nathan called me and said
there is already such joy being experienced by parishioners that it is
palpable.  He said there will be well over 6000 people dancing with joy
on Christmas Eve because they now have their own church.   Our goal for
this year is to partner with, Bishop Nathan, and the diocese of
Cyangugu to build smaller churches in the rural areas.  Our goal is to
build 5 new churches.

We do this for Christ.  We do this because His Word tells us to.  We
do this because it brings great joy to see the kingdom advance in an
area that is desperately poor and also currently experiencing the
advance of Islam. We do this because the love of Christ compels us.