CHS Online

Join us Sunday morning, March 22nd, at 9:00am for CHS Online, a Facebook live event, in lieu of our regular worship services, hosted at the Church of the Holy Spirit Facebook page!

How do I join the event?

You will need to have a Facebook account.

If you already do, great! If not, please visit and follow instructions under “Create a New Account” on the ride side of the screen. It’s super easy.

You will need to log into Facebook and search for Church of the Holy Spirit (Anglican).

Once you are on the CHS “feed” just scroll a bit and you should see our live video feed.

We recommend you get there a little early.

We will go live at least 10 minutes before the service, so at 8:50am. When you see Eric singing you’ll know you are in the right place. If you don’t hear anything click the speaker icon in the lower right of the image an adjust volume.

What should I expect Sunday at 9:00am?

A video and audio dialogue with Quigg, Eric and Tim.

Our total program will last no more than one hour. During our time together we will pray together, read the Word – and have a discussion on the next phrase in the Nicene Creed, and interact with you.

How will interaction work?

Because Facebook live is a one-way video/audio broadcast, Quigg, Eric and Tim will be the only persons anyone can see or hear. This is not a conference call so you can come in your PJs. But everyone will have the opportunity to type in comments that can be seen by everyone. Fellow and video-techno genius Harley Taylor will be monitoring that feed and helping Quigg, Eric and Tim know what you all are saying.

Is this going to be silky smooth?

Last week it went pretty well but a few people had some pauses.  We have some solutions to try so we are pretty hopeful it will go well. And, it will be fun!  While we will be eager to gather in person again soon, we are also excited to figure out new ways to interact that will supplement (not replace) our gatherings in the future. So please join us and spread the word!

Will there be opportunities for worship, communion, or giving?

Communion would be tricky so no on that. But we take comfort that God is always in the midst of his people and we may spiritually partake of his goodness at all times. 

In the hopes of nourishing you in worship, Eric has compiled a Spotify list of the planned for worship set (as he does every week). There will be a link to that so you can listen to and join in worship after the event.

While we can’t pass the baskets to invite you to give, we will have a link to our giving page and urgently invite you to use it. Call me naive, but I was stunned to learn that when we have a snow day, people don’t give! I thoughts folks would make up the following week, but apparently not- a snow days usually lowers CHS revenue by about $30,000. If that occurs during this season the ramifications could be severe. So we invite you to joyfully give online.

How long will we meet like this?

At least one more week.

Obviously this situation is dynamic and no one knows what the next weeks will bring. However, there is a significant divinely ordained priority for the people of God to gather together. “Church,” or in ecclesia literally means “gathering.” We are considering ways we might meet in multiple smaller services throughout the day on Sunday in smaller groups with greater social distancing. We are holding these online services for two weeks to give us time to figure out longer term solutions.

Can I invite my friends?

Of course! It’s a pretty non threatening way for someone to check out CHS. And with all the uncertainty we are facing it’s a great time to introduce people to our community and our great God. Consider sharing this link onto your Facebook feed, and tag any friends you’d like to invite.