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If you spend anytime watching TV, movies or YouTube videos, you can get caught in this tale of how 1 event, 1 pill, 1 book, 1 stock, 1 conversation can change your life. Whether it is a product, a sales pitch or an inflated promise from a famous person; our world loves to hype up the potentiality of how 1 thing can change your whole life.

Well, I am not jumping on the bandwagon here, but with the God of scripture this “1 decision” sales pitch can often really be true. Throughout my twenty-five years in ministry, I have met many people who through the highs and lows of life ran into a fork in the road and God used 1 decision, 1 prayer answered, 1 personal invite to send their life into a new reality, into His kingdom reality of love, hope, grace and salvation. Some of these stories sound too good to be true. Some of these stories sound like a movie trailer or Netflix movie, but I have seen them firsthand and they are real. 

One such story is my good friend Mike Smith and his family. Mike and Elizabeth Smith are my neighbors in Salem and now are becoming some of our best family friends. The Smiths are a wonderful, loving family who just happened to be part of God’s rescuing plan through our CHS Alpha Course. I don’t want to be the spoiler on the story line here, but God had been calling the Smiths to Himself. And, in this calling, God used 1 invite to the Alpha Course from a CHS member to help them take new steps on their spiritual journey. 

Last week, Mike allowed us to videotape his story. So, this coming Sunday morning we are going to share his video. And, as you will see, it is really God’s story more than Mike’s. But, it is a story of how 1 invite, 1 friend reaching out to another friend has changed the course of a life. In fact, how 1 invite has changed the course of a whole family’s life. I hope and pray you will come out and see firsthand how God’s love, grace, hope, care and salvation in Jesus came to life more fully by 1 simple invite. Side note: Mike is going to punch me for mentioning him so much in this E-News, he never wants to be in the limelight. Oops!!

So, I know who I am inviting to our next Alpha Course. Do you? 

Alpha begins on Tuesday, January 28th. You can learn more and register below. But even more importantly, your 1 invite, your 1 postcard handed out, your 1 friend can learn more and also register.

Learn more and register here!