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Christmas Eve services are our best attended worship services of the year. Most unchurched and non-Christians no longer come on Easter Sunday like they did back in the day, but many still come on Christmas. They come willingly. They come because Christmas is still a winsome celebration in our culture. (Heck, folks now put out their Christmas decorations in October!)  Some come to worship on Christmas Eve because they want to be with their family and friends for this festive time. Others come because way down deep, they still want to see this One, Jesus Christ, the Savior of and hope for the World.

Let’s actively pray that the Lord would bring many who don’t yet know Him on Christmas Eve. Let’s pray that many others who have health issues or whose churches are closed will watch via Facebook Live. Join me in asking the Lord to be so powerfully present, that everyone gathered will be able to honestly say, “Surely the Lord was in our midst!”

We have three Christmas Eve Services: 4pm, 7pm and 9 pm. UPDATE: The 4pm and 7pm services will be livestreamed.

We strongly encourage those without toddlers to come to the 7pm or 9pm service so we don’t end up having to turn people away at the 4pm service. 

We will have an overflow worship area in the Fellowship Hall but better to shift folks to the later services so EVERYONE will be able to be present in the Sanctuary.





Bishop Quigg