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Winter Retreat

Mark your calendars as we are having a Winter Retreat with other Booyah churches. We will be hosting it here in Roanoke! The dates are January 18-20. Make sure to pencil us in that weekend; you will not want to miss it!

What: We’ll be playing games at church, hearing a few gospel-centered talks, events around town as well as other shenanigans! Students will be staying at host homes with other kids their ages as well as with a responsible leader. Please let me know if there are any questions about this!

When: Friday 1/18- Kick off at CHS at 7pm. We’ll play and worship at CHS and stay at host homes that night. Saturday will consist of teaching, prayer, worship, adventure, time to chill, and more tomfoolery. Sunday we will all do breakfast at Sunday school from 10-11am and then worship together at the second service at 11.

Why: We want kids to have the chance to be refreshed spiritually as well as get some quality time with their friends from church and camp. This will be a great mid-point, a personal check-up for each individual student.

How much: $50 includes all activities and meals. They may want a few extra dollars for snacks.

Theme: Epiphany is the season after Christmas that celebrates God’s glory being revealed to the world. The Magi, or wise men, of Matthew’s gospel play a prominent role. They made the “journey in” to worship the Christ child; and then they made the “journey out” to bring the good news back to their own cultures. Our youth also need to make these two journeys. On this retreat, we’ll be teaching youth the value of an inward life, one that retreats from the world and relates to Jesus on a deeply personal level through prayer and Scripture. We’ll also be teaching them the value of the outward life, in which we “go public” with our faith and find creative ways to tell our friends about Jesus and bring the gospel to bear on the cultures where God has placed us.

We’d love it if y’all could join us! These kinds of trips are a ton of fun and often make a deep impact on students’ spiritual development. Not to mention, friendships are built like crazy on retreats. If your student is new to CHS or hasn’t yet attended, this is a wonderful time for them to get involved. The youth leaders will make sure all are included and cared for.

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Student News

Life Groups will not be held on Sunday, January 20th due to the Winter Retreat.

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