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What do you get when you mix God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), home cooked meals, small groups, prayer, worship of God, rain, deep biblical teachings, fishing, hikes, golf, confession of sin, celebration of new life and forgiveness in Christ, biscuits and gravy, snoring, kayaking, heart to heart discussion and brotherly love?

Did you guess it?

The answer is: the 2019 CHS Men’s Retreat.  This past September, the men of CHS headed out for our newly formatted Men’s Retreat. This newer version allowed us to have the same Christ-centered worship, prayer, biblical teaching and outdoorsy free times but with our new location at Camp Easter Seals we were able to sleep in cabins for those who needed a bed and tents/hammocks for those who wanted a more camping feel.

This 2019 Retreat brought out new guys from our church who are in their early 20s as well as long standing CHS members who are in their 70s. Our speaker, Nick Nowalk, walked us through the person and work of the Holy Spirit in creation, in the life of Jesus and in us. Each of us were challenged to think deeper and pray more intentionally about who the Holy Spirit is in our life. 

  • How is the Holy Spirit the fuel for our Christian life versus merely an afterthought?
  • How did Jesus depend on and live in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in His own life?
  • How are we to live more intentionally in the power of the Holy Spirit, like Jesus did?

These are some of the basic, yet profound questions that Nick gave us to chew on. I have been on many men’s events, men’s retreats and men’s weekends but on our retreat this year, the men of CHS dug in fast to God’s presence. From the first song and small group time, our men opened up, prayed with and for one another. Our conversations about being a follower of Jesus fueled by the Holy Spirit in us were constantly salting our interactions and discussions all weekend.

With our mission of “Healthy Disciples making Healthy Disciples in Jesus Christ”; our 2019 CHS Men’s Retreat did just that. Whether through prayer, worship, in-depth teaching, fishing, rain, tears, hands raised, or knees bowed to Jesus, our men grew as healthy disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mark your calendars for our 2020 CHS Men’s Retreat. Our dates are already booked for Oct. 2-4, 2020. Ask a guy you know who went and let him tell you how great it was and how great our God was in meeting us that weekend.