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Have you ever noticed how many discussions happen over a meal? Over the holidays I had many, many discussions about our kids, gifts, our dog, our family, the big snow storm, which cable company is the best, etc., etc.

But the one common factor in almost all of these discussions was food. I stuffed myself with food and conversation over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Over each meal with friends or family, we talked and laughed, cried and celebrated. Food and meaningful conversation go hand in hand.

Did you notice that some of those conversations were incredibly shallow? Did you also notice that some of those conversations were very weighty? You probably discussed topics like death, faith, hurting family members or friends, loss, answered and unanswered prayers, where is God and thanks to God. People want to talk about important and weighty matters in life but often do not have the place to have these discussions.

In comes the gift of the Alpha Course. Starting on Tuesday, January 22 and running for ten weeks, we will be offering the Alpha Course, an excellent way for anyone to come together over a meal and explore the meaning of life, questions of faith and purpose.

Over 21 million people have taken Alpha over the last thirty years all around the world. Undoubtedly, there are people in your life, perhaps the very ones you had your holiday discussions with, that are asking the weighty questions of life. Alpha is the perfect place for them to come and explore and question important topics.

Our Alpha course is free and we offer childcare and a catered meal.

As a member of CHS, consider this your personal invitation to bring a friend with you to Alpha. Pray, ask God who in your life is asking questions of faith and purpose. Pray for that person or couple. Send them the link below. We would love to have them join us.

Click here for the Alpha webpage for all the information and online registration. 

If they want to know more about Alpha, send them this short but informative Alpha video link as well.

Who are you inviting to Alpha?