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Chief of Staff/Director Tim HendersonTodd and I would like to invite you to a special Sunday School mini-series beginning this Sunday, January 17.

In 2016 we want to grow as a church in our skills communicating the gospel to people around us. Our assumption is that most of us have people in our lives who are friendly towards Christianity, and may even culturally identify as “Christians,” but who don’t actually understand the gospel or know Christ.

Further, we assume that while you may want to help them understand what you do, you may not know how. To remedy that we want to show you how we will sometimes walk through a few key passages of scripture with someone in a friendly non-threatening way to help the gospel become clear to them. Our hope is that you would choose to do the same in a lunch meeting with a colleague, or even with a few neighbors together for an evening in your home. Perhaps you could initiate a four-week bible study with a few neighbors using the approach and materials we will share. We will model for you how we would do this, and then provide you with resources to make it easy for you to replicate what you experience in class.

We hope the gospel will become more clear to each of you as we walk through the passages and that you will be motivated to pass on what you learn to someone else. Finally, please consider inviting other friends from church to join us. We’d love to equip as many as possible through this four-week mini-series.

The class will meet in the Chapel at 10 am beginning this Sunday, January 17. Join us.