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Rumors are tricky. They are things you hear that everyone begins to believe. Once the rumor takes root, it is amazing how we all begin to believe it, whether there is any truth in there or not.

How about the rumor that eggs are bad for you? Or, how about the rumor that eggs are good for you? Do you get my point? Rumors seem to take on truth, but often are just a lot of hot air.

Well, there has been a recent rumor that religious faith is going down the tubes in America and that “conservative Christians” should be worried or on guard. Have you heard that rumor? I sure have. That rumor will often spark into our own hearts and minds the tendency to hide our faith, to steer away from spiritual conversations like: “What is faith?”, “Who was Jesus?”, “Does prayer matter?” If a rumor is a rumor, then what is the truth.

Glenn Stanton, in a recent article in the Federalist, notes multiple studies that show in fact, people are not leaving the Christian faith or being less interested in faith but instead are leaving more liberal denominations and seeking more conservative theological churches. In another study, a leading sociologist, Christopher Smith, has found in his research in the last five years that millennials are indeed changing their religious choices, but the change is actually upward. Millennials are reporting that they are becoming more religious, seeking more authentic religion in their life, not less as the rumors seem to say.

Stanton writes, “people are making a theological statement with their feet, shuffling to certain churches because they offer what people are seeking: clear, faithful, practical teaching of the scriptures, help in living intimately with and obediently to God and making friends with people who will challenge and encourage them in their faith.”

So, what does all this mean for you and me? If the rumor is not true, and people really are looking to attend church and seek spiritual answers, then with Easter around the corner, now is the time to just ask. Pray and ask your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. what they are doing for Easter Sunday.

This Easter, God is going to bring people across your path who are wanting to know Him, who are looking to find a church, who are searching for an Easter service to attend with their family.  Invite them. Invite them to come see how real, how personal, how kind, how amazing and good the Good News of Jesus is.

Pray and invite. People are seeking real spiritual answers, it’s the current landscape of the American religious ethos, despite what rumors you may be hearing.