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Hey friends,

I’d like to invite you into an important conversation we are having at CHS about race. It’s obvious that God is up to something at this moment in our nation and culture. There are two steps I’d love you to please take.

First, please listen to the most recent 3 episodes in this excellent podcast, Every Square Inch. Racism in America, Parts 1, 2 and 3. It’s fantastic. In it, Pastor Robert Cunningham urges his listeners to follow Jesus into this moment, but to make sure it’s Jesus they are following. He does a fantastic job analyzing and critiquing some of the voices in this movement, and critiquing the church. Please listen to all three episodes to get the full picture.  

Second, join us for a follow up discussion at Sunday School at 10am Sundays in the sanctuary. We began the conversion this week which you can find here. We are off next Sunday since I’m hiking in Yellowstone this week. We will resume Sunday School the following Sunday, August 16. That gives you about 10 days to listen to the podcast, ponder deeply, and prepare to join us.

It is incredibly important that we think well about these things. I’ve read a ton of stuff lately and this is the best resource I’ve found so far. I hope you will take the time to listen and join in the discussion.