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Hello Church Fam,

I understand that people in our church come from different denominations, non-denominational and even non-churched backgrounds. Praise God that He gathers in folks who have diverse backgrounds.  

CHS is first and foremost a Christian Church. Secondly, and unashamedly, we are an Anglican Church on mission. As Anglicans, we are part of the Protestant Reformation and yet do not discard all the gifts and graces God gave to His Church from Pentecost till AD 1517 when the Reformation kicked into gear. 

One of the things followers of Jesus have done since the early days is to enter into and celebrate Holy WeekHoly Week begins with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (also known as Palm Sunday).  

Next, we celebrate MAUNDY THURSDAY which is the day Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Passover (”The Last Supper”). During this meal Jesus gave them a “new Commandment” that they “should love one another.”  Jesus also used the Passover meal to institute the Lord’s Supper – one of the two Sacraments of the Church and a practice that reaches back to the original Passover in Egypt but looks forward to the heavenly banquet when believers of every tongue, tribe and nation will gather for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Jesus). 

On Friday of Holy Week, we celebrate the most horrible yet loving act of Obedience of Jesus – known as GOOD FRIDAY. He allowed Himself to be handed over to sinful men so that He might become a perfect sacrifice for our sins and open the way for us to become children of God by grace through faith.  

On Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, proof positive that He was and is the Son of God, the Messiah, a truth teller and has, in fact, defeated sin and death and opened the way for us to know God and become His children. 

You do not have to come to any of these. But you MAY! Practically and spiritually, Easter is a lot more meaningful when you have walked through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with the Lord and His church. 

I would encourage you as a friend and as your pastor to make the effort to come and enter into this Holy Week. As Jesus said to His apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:40) when His soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to pray, “Could you not watch with me even one hour?” This is the week of all weeks. A week Christians have loved and cherished and practiced for over 2000 years. 

I would encourage you to come on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. On Easter, we will have a large crowd and those who come early will get seats in the sanctuary. The ones who come late will be worshipping in the Fellowship Hall. But wherever you sit, come ready to worship and enter into the last week of Jesus’ earthly life and His mighty resurrection from the dead. 

Every Grace,