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God has done a miracle. Our entire $4.3 million mortgage debt on the new sanctuary has been totally paid off with a final gift of almost $400,000. Our entire Church facility and land are DEBT FREE! ANNIHILATED.


THANK YOU Church Family!

What does this mean?

It means we get to EXPLODE MISSIONS.

It means that, if we each continue to give at the same rate to our general budget, we immediately get to invest an extra $22,000 each and every month into strategic, effective, life-giving mission. We will have about $575,000 each year for missions.

If this annihilate the debt gift continues to create the joy and excitement that we have already seen, our general church budget will grow even bigger and we will be able to do even more.

Many think we give almost all of our mission money to Rwanda. Not true. So far in 2017, we have given them approximately 17% of our missions budget. This is our joy and out of a grateful heart for them and for their courage to take in our church in 2000, when we were unrighteously shown the door by our former denomination. Of course, the Anglican church of Rwanda lost over $1.3 million dollars in grants in just the first year and at least $8 million in the next 14 years for rescuing us. So, it is our great privilege to help them for the next two years to become a self-sustaining church.

But we are also beyond excited at the local mission that God is bubbling up. More details will come forward, but we know that we will invest strategically in:

  • Mission and outreach to local refugees
  • Mission and outreach to local teens who are heads of households
  • Start a new CHS Church plant in Richmond or similar city that the Lord confirms
  • Hire a full-time Missionary pastor for Virginia Western to build teams to begin reaching some of the 12,000+ students there
  • Have a greater role in Belize at the Toledo Christian Academy
  • Support Anglican missionaries to country that is 99% Muslim

Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.  Psalm 115:1

Bowled over by God’s provision,