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The Greek word in the picture above means GIVE THANKS!

It is also the root word for the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion or Eucharist.

There is so much I am thankful for I could blab on and on.

Today I want to quickly give thanks for the EXPLOSION of MISSIONS that is happening due to being debt free and because of your generous gifts thru CHS.

Here are some of the Missions we will be funding in 2018 with $571,000 of mission money:

  • A new Richmond Church plant
  • Five other church plants, including one with a former CHS member leading the charge
  • Ministry to Refugees in Roanoke
  • Ministry to Kids who have no functioning parent in their “home”
  • Anglican Missionaries to Somalia in an area that is 99% Muslim
  • Young Life Area Director in Roanoke
  • Two other Young Life Staffers who were CHS members growing up
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • The Blue Ridge Fellows
  • A large trafficking ministry and safe house in Thailand led by a young couple from Liberty. The man is 100% fluent in Thai and the woman has her Masters in Counseling.
  • Toledo Christian Academy in Belize
  • Anglican Missionaries to India translating the bible into a language where over 100,000 do not have the NT in their language or dialect
  • Camp Braveheart (A camp for kids who have lost a parent or sibling)
  • Rwanda Self-Sustainability Project
  • New Schools and Churches in Rwanda
  • Benevolence Fund
  • Ministry to Va. Western* (pending)
  • Three Anglican Missionaries/Friends who do incredible ministry in Rwanda in the slums, feeding 1000’s of children, developing agriculture and building schools
  • Anglican Relief and Development for Emergency relief when disasters hit

Isn’t that a whole lot more fun than paying the bank?

Thanks be to God and to each of you.