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We are excited to announce our new Church of the Holy Spirit app for both Apple and Android devices. As technology continues to change and grow, we work hard to adapt and develop in order to offer the best of what technology affords so that we can work towards our goal of Healthy Disciples making Healthy Disciples.

Our new CHS App is now available for you to download. You will find it on both the Apple and Google App stores by searching, “Church of the Holy Spirit.”

What’s new with this app?

  • The notes tab allows you to take notes on the sermon directly on the app. As we become more familiar with the app, we hope to add our own notes to help you write yours.
  • Want to share with a friend? Just hit the “email notes” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You may register for events directly from the app as well.

What’s the same as our old app?

  • Pretty much all the same info is there; however, some items are arranged differently. For instance, Tim’s Foundations podcasts are now accessed through the bar on the bottom if you are an Apple user or on the left menu option if you are an Android user.
  • You can still easily access sermons, search Life Groups, and access Facebook and blog posts on the News Feed.
  • There is still the easy to use feature where you can look up and read from the bible.

Giving is still easy and accessible with our new app.

  • As an Apple user you can give by using the bar at the bottom of the app. As an Android user, you will need to click on the left menu option to access the giving feature.

Our hope is that each Church of the Holy Spirit member and visitor will regularly use and enjoy this great new church app.

Brian Morgan+