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Hey friends,

I am writing to let you know that we are very excited to begin a new format at CHS Downtown. In fact, we will be creating a new (yet ancient) experience of Christian community beginning this Sunday evening at 7pm in our downtown property. I hope you will join us!

This Sunday evening when you arrive, you won’t find rows of chairs. Rather, you will see chairs around tables set with wine and grape juice, bread and oil (and perhaps some cheese and olives?) inviting you to join in warm fellowship over a 1st century styled meal for believers that shows forth the sacrificial death of Jesus, and proclaims His resurrection until He comes again. Those who are not yet baptized believers are warmly invited to join us and to fellowship with us over a meal of non-consecrated elements (cheese, olives, oil, non-sacramental bread, etc.).

Like the early church described in Acts 2:42, we hope to dedicate ourselves to four things each Sunday night when we gather for this alternative time:

The apostles teaching, in a brief, engaging sermon drawn from the scriptures;
The fellowship, as we commune, discuss the message, and laugh around the table;
The breaking of bread, as we enjoy a substantive meal of bread and wine that celebrates our Lord;
Prayer, as we talk to our Father together in groups around each table.

I’ll explain more in person Sunday evening, but want you to be ready for a particularly intimate, participatory, welcoming, and authentic experience as the body gathers for worship. If you regularly attend downtown I think you’ll love it. If you normally worship with us in the morning, I hope you’ll come and check it out from time to time, perhaps monthly. (And that you’ll love it too.) We cannot wait to enjoy this meal and Acts 2:42 time with each of you. Join us and bring a friend. It’s going to be a sweet time as we return to a very ancient model of the church gathering to break bread together. See you Sunday at 7pm.