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Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on CHS Downtown. We are having so much fun! Of course everything is weird and smaller than we planned due to COVID, but week after week our services are going so well. As Eric and I have debriefed it each week, we consistently conclude it is our best produced hour of every week. I’d love you to come experience it!

There are weeks I don’t want to interrupt my Sunday evening at home to head back out. It would be easier to stay at home. But every single week I come back from CHS Downtown happy, with a light heart and so glad to have gathered and worshipped. Here’s a 60 second sample of our singing last week.

This is what I’d like you to do. Pick a Sunday night in the next 4 weeks and commit to coming. Don’t everybody come this Sunday – we wouldn’t all fit! But pick any Sunday in the next 4 weeks and put CHS Downtown on your calendar for 7pm. And then join us at 434 Church Ave SW. You can park at the YMCA.

And then after you’ve seen what a sweet time it is, think of who you know that isn’t part of the CHS family whom you could invite to also join us on a future Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you downtown sometime in the next 4 weeks.