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The “bestest chili” in Roanoke will be served at CHS THIS Sunday. We are having our annual CHILI-COOKOFF right after the second service in the Fellowship Hall. First service people, we will pray you back at 12:30! For a modest donation, we will get to sample many styles and flavors of chili.

WHY? Aside from the fun, fellowship and good tastes, all monies will go to finish building a brand new five-room school on Nkombo Island in Rwanda. We have worked with Bishop Nathan and the Anglican church there to give emergency feeding, longer term feeding, build two churches, provide basic medical care, provide wells (still in progress as I type) and teach the children. But they have no school. So we are working together to build them one. We have raised about $28k or so and only lack about $24k to educate 800 students, year after year. In addition, there is a $15,000 matching gift, so please give over and above your tithe. In this school, the students will be taught all the normal subjects including the bible.

“I am convinced beyond doubt that the best gift for Nkombo Kids and the general population there is to give them a future…  Education is a powerful key that unlocks this world’s opportunities… Education is the only compass that can help the Nkombo people to navigate the deep unleveled waters of this world where they can have equal rights with everybody else…  Education allowed me to go from tending my father’s flock to become God’s prince in his Church.”- Bishop Nathan Amooti 

The bishop (+Quigg) will be giving an award for the best presentation and yes, for the WORST tasting chili. Anything to raise money for kingdom work.

I leave you with a couple of photos of when we first arrived on Nkombo Island in 2013.

See you at the cook-off,