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One of the best kept secrets in missions at Church of the Holy Spirit is a little school named Toledo Christian Academy in the Southern part of Belize. We have been partnering with this school for over 5 years building relationships with the staff and community by doing construction on a new office building, building a tilapia farm, running vacation Bible schools, and more.

This February 20-27, 2016, we are going again and I want you to consider going too.

I know, this might be the furthest thing on your mind right now as we enter the Holiday season…but hear me out. Perhaps you are saying:

  • I have never been on a mission trip and don’t have any experience. Perfect! This is a relatively inexpensive ($1,300 p/p total cost) and English speaking opportunity that many “first-timers” have attended and loved.
  • I would, but I have kids. Bring them! The campus, and the children at the school, make this a mission trip for all ages. Consider this instead of the beach or Disney World – you will be glad you did.
  • I don’t have any construction skills. That’s OK! The school is in session and those not inclined to construction can work with the children. There will also be plenty of outreach and relationship building in the community after construction is done for the day.
  • I don’t travel well. The fight is only 3 hours!
  • I can’t afford it. We will teach you how to raise the funds! Many have been able to attend through the generosity of others who couldn’t go at this time.

Listen to what previous team members are saying about their trip to Toledo Christian Academy:

“Serving and building relationships with the people at TCA has been one of the greatest, most impactful experiences of our lives. The joy and peace that comes from expanding the Kingdom of God in this place is truly life changing. Our family will forever be committed to the ministry at TCA.”  -KC and Kristin Gilbert (and Tate, 10 years old) 

“6 days, hundreds of pounds of concrete, thousands of smiles and hugs, one sunrise with duck hunting and worship, a few tarantulas, one iguana, and countless blessings of friendship. All made possible by an awesome God who calls us to reach across borders and cultures to love and serve in His name. Belize and TCA, I’ll be back!” -George Leloudis 

The faculty and staff at TCA are true disciples of Christ that share God’s love with the students, community, and visiting mission teams. -Jeff Austin 

To learn more about the school and see pictures of their campus and staff (including the farm our church built), please visit their website at


Finally, I remember being challenged to go on one of my first mission trips to Togo, Africa 15 years ago. I wasn’t sure it was worth the time and energy to go, especially to support the existing church. This verse convicted me and eventually allowed me to make this commitment. I hope it speaks to you as well: 

10 So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.  Gal. 6:10

During this year’s trip, we are in particular need of teachers who could offer training to their young staff of teachers. If you would like more information about this trip, please contact Kristin Gilbert at You will be glad you did.