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This month’s CARE Ministry focus is hospitality. In the book of Hebrews, we are encouraged to “not neglect hospitality” and in 1 Peter, we are encouraged to “show hospitality to one another with good cheer.” There are numerous other places within Scripture that encourage us to be hospitable. defines hos·pi·tal·i·ty this way, /ˌhɒspɪˈtælɪti/ “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers” and “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.” The synonyms are “warmth, cordiality, geniality, and friendliness.”

I have been blessed to be a member of CHS for over 26 years and can wholeheartedly testify that CHS lives up to the definition of being hospitable. Over the many years and through the present, the church members has demonstrated their warm friendly kindness of hospitality:

  • through Church Family Gatherings such as Mid-Week Manna, Julian’s Famous BBQ, and Feast;
  • through various receptions such as Funeral, Ordination, and Consecration;
  • through weekly venues such as CR Monday Night Dinner, Alpha Dinners, Sunday Morning Snack Fairies, and Life Group Dinners;
  • and supporting ministries such as Meals Ministry and Freezer Ministry…just to name a few.

This month I’d like to draw your attention to three of these ministries: Meals Ministry, Funeral Reception Team and Kitchen Ministry. Each of these ministries is in need of volunteers to join the team (Meals Ministry and Funeral Reception Team) or to become the team leader (Kitchen Ministry). Please consider praying about becoming involved in one of these ministries. Below you will find information about each ministry. Please contact Barbara Murray at or call her at church, 540-772-4915, ext 28 to volunteer or for more information.

Meals Ministry: This ministry provides meals to families in need, such as when there is a death in the family, surgery, or new baby. You can either cook or buy the meal and then deliver it. When a meal is needed, you will receive an email and can choose a date on our website or just respond to the coordinator. You can cook as little as once or twice a year or more if you are able.

Funerals: The death of a Brother or Sister in Christ is always a time for us all to pull together. Some of us will be ministering directly to the family while others are needed to prepare the food and the Fellowship Hall for the reception, set up the library for the family’s use, and help receive visitors/food at the family’s home, if needed. Since funerals often come at unexpected moments, a group of volunteers whose schedules are fairly flexible is helpful.

Kitchen Ministry: We have a member of the body who serves as our Kitchen Manager. The Kitchen Manager trains other members of the body on the ins and outs of using the kitchen. Additionally, he/she does a major kitchen cleaning once or twice a year. If you enjoy organizing and cleaning your own kitchen, you would be welcomed with open arms!