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Week Days

When Roanoke County Schools (RCS) announce a change in their schedule due to inclement weather, CHS’ activity schedule is changed as well.

IF RCS are:

  • canceled, CHS activities are canceled.
  • delayed 1 hour, CHS activities starting at 9:00 am are delayed 1 hour.
  • delayed 2 hours, CHS MORNING activities are canceled.
  • dismissed early, CHS AFTERNOON and EVENING activities are canceled.

Please note that if the streets are drivable on a day that RCS has canceled classes and CHS events are canceled, the church staff will report to work and may still honor individual office appointments. Please call 772-4915 to confirm the office is open and a specific staff member is available.

If there is inclement weather, one person from each group event will call the church office to find out if the event will be held. NOTE: The Church Staff reserves the right to cancel afternoon and evening events.

Week Day Evenings

If inclement weather is predicted for an evening that RCS was not canceled or dismissed early, a decision will be made no later than 4:00 pm whether an event will be canceled. Information will be posted on our voice message system and Facebook page, and also relayed through email. 


If inclement weather is predicted, a decision will be made by the Rector and communicated as early as possible on the church’s voice message system and Facebook page.


If inclement weather is predicted, refer to television channels 7 or 10, or check their websites at or  If we are listed, our services are canceled.

*Please note: The only exception to this policy would be Celebrate Recovery. Due to the unique mission of CR and the importance of their weekly meetings to sustained recovery, a separate policy will be developed for CR in concert with the Church Administrator. A separate communication system will be established to announce any meetings that are in variance with the regular church policy.