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Hi Friends. Our diocesan overseer or lead bishop, +Steve Breedlove, has established The Anchor Fund Offering to help with developing immigrant church ministry under Bishop Andudu and to strategically grow mission by developing next generation leaders and newly graduated seminarians in our churches. 

Our diocese is growing rapidly and planting churches and raising up next gen leaders faster than we can fund them through general tithes. This is not because our churches aren’t giving, they are, but God has blessed us with an unexpected deep and wide reach from Boston to NC and west to West VA and Louisville, KY. We never imagined that such a godly and effective leader as Sudanese Bishop Andudu would join us and oversee the many immigrant churches in our diocese and in the greater ACNA. Bishop Andudu is in exile due to being on the radical Muslims assassination hit list in Nuba, Sudan. I recently was able to connect him with Jake Fuller, our CHS supported missionary to the Nuba Mountains. (Yay God!)

As part of The Anchor Fund Offering, Bishop Breedlove is encouraging each family to give $50 as a freewill, over and above offering.

Bishop Breedlove realizes some aren’t able to do that much and some can and will do more, but he wants us all to have the opportunity to sew good seed and be part of this move of God.

February is the offering month for the Anchor Fund. You can give to CHS and memo ANCHOR FUND OFFERING or give directly online by clicking “GIVE” here.

Thank you for your consideration,