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It is always exciting when God is on the move and we get the privilege to join Him in His work. For Noah, it was the Ark. For Abraham, it was taking his family to a new land and following God. For Moses, it was being sent to partner with God in the freeing of His people. For Jesus, it was His mission of living, dying and coming back to life in order to ransom sinners from death.  

For years here at Church of the Holy Spirit, we have had a faithful group of people who meet on Sunday mornings to pray for our church and specifically for our Sunday morning services. Over the past 2.5 years, we have sensed God calling us to pray and intercede for all the various parts of our Sunday morning events and services. Similar to Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and others in God’s salvation story, we are sensing once again the call from God to delve further into intercessory pray for our church. 

So, today I am writing this e-News to invite you and/or your family to come join us on Sunday mornings for one of our Intercessory Prayer times. It is a short, but powerful time (20-25 minutes) of prayer. 

You are invited to join us for one or both of these times. Most folks only come to pray at one session, not both.

  • Before the early service, we gather from 8 am – 8:25 AM in Room M235A
  • And, before Sunday School we gather from 9:45 – 10 AM in the Chapel

What do we do during these prayer times? We quite simply and yet very specifically pray for all the events that happen on Sunday mornings. Below is a specific list of the various things we pray for weekly:

  • 8:30 and 11 AM Sunday services
  • Our new Sunday evening downtown Roanoke 3rd service
  • 10 am Sunday School classes: children, students and adults
  • All our leaders: Clergy, teachers, helpers, staff, etc.
  • Our worship teams
  • Children’s ministry
  • Student ministry
  • The preaching/teaching and hearing of God’s Word
  • Our times of prayer and confession during the Sunday services
  • As we gather at the Lord’s Table weekly for communion
  • For God to call visitors and guests to know Him personally through Jesus Christ as they visit us
  • For God to heal, save, bring hope, salvation, guidance, freedom, wisdom, etc. to His people
  • For the Holy Spirit to help us all to worship, celebrate and lift up Jesus Christ.

God is on the move in new and fresh ways here at CHS. We would love for you to come be a part of this movement of Healthy Disciples Making Healthy Disciples and our calling of intercessory prayer.