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We need you!

We need our CHS people to take good quality photos of PEOPLE in ministry, mission, worship, groups, serving, laughing, whatever! Real life of our shared life together.

We want your CHS photos so we can encourage the Body and share the story of what God is doing in our midst.

Do not fret, we will not turn our worship service into an invasive paparazzi (except special dispensation given for VBS and Christmas Drama children’s singing and baptisms!).

We do want those of you with a smart phone or decent camera to submit horizontal (landscape) photos we can use for our bulletin, Instagram or Facebook. Fear not, most of the photos will NOT be in the worship time as that is sacred and intimate time, so do not worry about folks photographing you sleeping during my sermon! : )

We want pictures that show the church . . . by that we mean the people, not the building. Our staff can edit them, so don’t worry about that. We prefer they be at least 1 Mb in size.

Email photos to 

Here are a few examples of photos that tell a good story and show PEOPLE and not inanimate objects!! These photos make folks want to “come and see!”

Happy snapping!