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Church Family:

We prepare for holidays, sporting events, weddings and vacations. There is not much in life that we do not prepare for in some form or fashion. A young couple in our Life Group just had their first child and they have been preparing for months.

So, why not prepare for the most important day in world history? If we get ready for Halloween and New Year’s, why not Easter?

But how do we do this?

Here are some easy ways to prepare your family and your heart and mind for Easter Sunday:

  • Read these passages:
    • John 19
    • Matthew 27-28
    • Isaiah 53
    • Luke 23-24
    • Psalm 22
  • Spend some intentional time asking God to show you the sin that lives in your heart and mind. Then spend the rest of this week repenting and turning from that sin.
  • Pray and ask the Lord to help you really experience His love for you this Sunday. Ask Him; He is a good Father.   
  • Attend our Maundy Thursday service @ 7 pm. Childcare is available for infants – kindergartners.  
  • Attend our Good Friday service @ 7 pm. Childcare is available for infants – kindergartners. 
  • Lastly, just take a break from news, social media, TV and Facebook. Don’t worry, the Suez Canal is all clear. Instead, pray. Just sit down and talk with your Heavenly Dad about what it was like in that final week and hours. Ask Jesus to show you what it means that He defeated death and opened the eternal pathway to the God of all time, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Any of these steps are easy, but potentially life changing, and will prepare you and/or your family for the most important day in history – Easter Sunday. If you should prepare for anything this Spring, why not prepare your life for Jesus’ resurrection?