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I remember where I was on this day, Sept 11th, eighteen years ago. Scott McLucas and I were attending a church planters’ conference in Colorado Springs prepping for the planting of Church of the Holy Spirit – Orchard Hills. We walked into the lecture hall for the first session and the TV was on and they were showing video of the first twin tower on fire. We were dumbfounded and concerned what this would mean. I am sure you remember where you were on that day when terrorists killed 2996 people on American soil. It certainly underscored for me the danger of radical Jihad Islam and how we as a country and as a people have no safety but in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

So in view of these sad memories, I’m glad to say I have a happy announcement . . . .

Drum roll, please!

Your CHS Worship Team has been writing songs and singing them for us for the last year. Of the several songs, we picked 5 for our first album of EP. Hopefully, more will come in 2020 if we can work out the funding.

I think you will recognize many of these original songs because you have been singing them in worship for the last several months.

Here is a montage of the 5 songs on the new EP:

It is vital that you place your order now. We are ordering the CDs and Vinyl all at once to get a better price. Click here and order your copy or copies now. You may order a CD, a Vinyl Record or both. Order copies for your friends and family.

We praise the Lord for the praises he has given us through the Praise team; We praise the Lord for well crafted songs that lift Him up as our rock, our fortress, our hope and the lover of our souls.