The Kids Choir is all about worshipping with our kiddos. We want our kids to sing with us, to praise with us, and to have an opportunity to explore the Worship Arts. Who knows, they might even discover a deep love for leading worship!!! If you have a child in 1st-6th grade, please consider signing them up!


So…..  What’s expected?


I’m so glad you asked! Please make sure that you read and understand these expectations before signing your child up for the Kids Choir, as I’d ask that you respect the commitment that you are making. 

Sign up!

Do it before the deadline y’all!!! No signups will be allowed after the deadline. We usually fill up pretty fast for the kids choir so don’t delay!!


For every Kids Choir, I will be sending you songs to listen to and learn. I’ll send them out after signups close. Listen to them with your kids 24/7! Learning the music is one of the most important parts of participating in the Kids Choir.

Show up!

Probably the most important expectation. All participants will need to attend a Thursday practice preceding the Kids Choir Sunday, as well as attend practice that Sunday morning. The kids will sing at both services!

Hang Out!

As soon as the kids are done at practice on Thursday night, they’ll be released to you. As soon as they’re done practicing Sunday morning, they’ll be released to you. They’ll also be released to you after performing. So stick around, soak it all in, and be ready to hang with your kiddos while they’re not practicing or performing. 

Important Dates, Times, Deadlines

Choir Date: TBD

Signup Deadline: TBD 

Thursday Night Practice: TBD

Sunday Morning Practice: TBD

Sign up for the Winter Kids Choir Below!


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