No, I Did Not Delete You From My Facebook!

Today I received a text from a good friend asking me why I deleted him from my Facebook account. I so admire that he had the courage to ask the question to me directly. What a great example of keeping short accounts and a bond of peace!

I told my buddy that I had not deleted him but that I had chosen to deactivate my Facebook account. He then found my dad’s Facebook account (my dad was also named Quigg Lawrence) and my buddy thought I was fibbing.

I told him my dad died in 2010 and that we did not know how to get his Facebook profile cancelled; besides he had no more use for Facebook in heaven!!

Why did I quit Facebook when everyone knows I used it daily to reach out and make touches to over 4700 people across the parish and across the world and to help find cars for single parents, raise money for wells, etc.?

I quit Facebook because I became convinced that I was overusing it (polite phrase for addiction) and it was wasting too much of my time.

I have grown weary of the meanness and rants that assaulted me each day. I do not think exposing myself to that negativity for 60-90 minutes a day is good for my soul. No judgment on you and you likely are a responsible user anyway . . .

This consideration all started recently when Bishop Breedlove and I asked the men and women in our diocesan ordination process to outline how they used their time each day. What is their “Rule of Life?” Everyone has one. And was their current “Rule of Life” bringing them closer to Christ?

The Holy Spirit pointed out a few areas to me that need to be changed in my own life. Some things need to be added (spiritual disciplines) and some things deleted.

These questions aren’t meant to spur an onerous set of legalistic rules but to provoke thought as to how to live more in step with the Spirit and grow closer to Christ. I am not at all suggesting you have to delete your FB account. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you about what changes, if any, He might want to make in your life.

There will be more freedom and joy as we listen to Him and obey Him.

And hey, I still post photos on Instagram!